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Geophysical Survey Services
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Geophysical Services
surface and borehole geophysics

Lowering a borehole video camera into a bedrock monitoring well
Lowering a borehole video camera
into a bedrock monitoring well.

Geophysical Services
Surface and borehole geophysics.
Geophysical Applications provides the following services: Each survey implemented by Geophysical Applications utilizes the most appropriate technologies available for geophysical data acquisition and analysis, to assure results that meet our clients' expectations. We regularly invest in software and instrumentation to assure that our services remain state-of-the-art.

Our state-of-the-art instrumentation includes:
  • (5) Geophysical Survey Systems model SIR-3 & SIR-2000 ground-penetrating radar instruments with 100, 200, 400, 900, and 1,500 megahertz antennas
  • ABEM model Terraloc Mark 6 24-channel floating-point seismograph
  • (4) Mount Sopris model MGX borehole logging systems, with caliper, heat-pulse flowmeter, fluid temperature, acoustic & optical televiewers, full-waveform sonic, spinner, Idronaut water-quality, and conventional logging probes
  • Laval color borehole video camera, with 8mm videocassette recorder
  • (2) GeoVisions black & white borehole video cameras
  • ABEM model Wadi VLF instrument
  • Geometrics model G-856 proton precession magnetometer, and model G-858 cesium-vapor “walking” magnetometer
  • (2) Geonics model EM31DL EM-conductivity profiling instruments
  • (3) Geonics model EM61 EM metal-locating instruments
  • (3) RadioDetection & Metrotech electromagnetic pipe and cable locators
  • Pentax 10-second electronic theodolite, with a laser EDM
  • AGI Sting/Swift resistivity imaging system, with 63 electrode switches
  • ABEM resistivity imaging system, with 84 electrode switches
  • 90- & 450-pound accelerated weight-drop seismic source devices
  • Hewlett-Packard color inkjet plotter, and computers with extensive software:
  • RADAN for Windows, for displaying & processing digital GPR data
  • SIPT2 & SeisOpt2D seismic refraction modeling software
  • RES2DINV resistivity imaging software
  • SURFER and GRAPHER for Windows
  • AutoCAD LT for Windows
  • WellCad software for borehole geophysical-log plotting